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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Collective Soul Effect on Twitter

For anyone who got here via Twitter, bear with me. I have to give some background, just in case my sisters or some non Twitter friends actually check out my blog some day. So, I've been hanging out with a whole bunch of cool new buds on twitter lately. I spend a lot of time online, posting thoughts and links stuff like that. I also read lots of posts from a wide variety of people. Like Grand Canyon wide. It's really very addictive.

When I first began, I followed some celebs that Twitter suggested. I even followed Perez Hilton for about a minute. Then I started finding some people to interact with (note to my sisters: Some of them have even read my blog, so there). I still follow some celebs, Musicians, Actors, Directors, Writers etc. who share a lot of interesting info. Some do self promote a lot. I'm actually OK with that, because for once I'm in the loop about movies, books and music coming out , instead of decades behind. Anyway, I'd been hanging out on twitter a while, when one of the people I follow posted: "Collective soul is now on twitter" so I click on @Collective_Soul and read the bio. Hmmmmm, it's the whole group, AND "they follow back". "Wow", I think to myself
"brave and unusual". You see, if you follow somebody back, they can not only read whatever your posting, but send you direct messages. I'm thinking those dudes are gonna get a lot of messages.

So I'm following Collective Soul, and they are posting about working on new music, and how they want fan input. They post "Twitpics" of all of themselves hanging out chatting with us on Twitter. How cool is that? Here's a link to check them out (but come right back) OK, so now we all agree these guys are cool. I think a lot of celebs could take a lesson from they way they handle themselves. There are many people on Twitter who feel that celebrities should "follow back" Collective Soul chose to do that, but more importantly they chose to interact. I was already a fan of the music. Now I'm a fan of the musicians.

Here's a link to the Collective Soul Blog to check out what they're up to

Here's a link to the Collective Soul 2009 Tour Schedule. I want to go to the Poolside Vegas show at The Hardrock BAD.

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Mara and Stewart said...

When I checked my new followers one day and saw they were following me I actually squealed with glee. After regaining a modicum of composure, I tried to figure out why they had. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my husband's music, but I don't care. They still followed ME!!! Oh, and I don't see them on @StewartRaven's follow list anywhere!